Where are you located?

Scoggins III, Inc. office is located at 124 E. Wright Street,Suite B,  Pensacola, Florida 32502 (The Northwest Corner of Wright and Tarragona Street)

How can I find out more information regarding property I have seen on the site?

Just contact us at 850-434-7777 or by email scogginsiiire@gmail.com and we will direct you to the appropriate agent.

Why are there no prices for the School Board Property?

The Escambia County School District obtains Appraisals on it's surplus properties. The District uses the Appraisals to establish a value range and often includes external factors which are not pertinent to the property being offered. Desirable properties may sell for more or less than their Appraised value.

Do you specialize in any particular types of commercial real estate properties?

Scoggins III, Inc. has experience with all types of real estate properties including office, industrial, medical, and retail. 

Can I just come in and talk to someone about my real estate needs? 

Yes! We encourage everyone to come on in and talk with our Agents. 

Does Scoggins III handle Broker Opinion of Value and how do I submit for one?

Yes.  Scoggins III, Inc. has experience with performing Broker Opinion of Value for various companies. Contact the office at 850-434-7777 and we will forward you to the proper agent.

Do you handle Residential Real Estate? 

Although we specialize in commercial sales and service, yes we do handle Residential Real Estate.


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